Thursday, April 29, 2010

IGOOOOORRR Its ALiiiiive!!

Attention Barking Seed Citizens!

Barking Seed website is now live!!! Read on for more!

It's been a long time coming and finally it is live! To all the fans already playing the games - you guys ROCK, you have given us the inspiration and motivation to keep going! We love you all :)

For those who don't know whats really going on here, let me try and be brief:

Download any Barking Seed Enabled game from Ovi, register a username and password and start posting scores! Simple as that. The username you create can be used across ALL our games as well as the official site Check the site for news, games and the Battle Arena!

The rabbit hole is only starting, you have no idea the crazy things we are planning in our heads.

Watch this space! Big announcement coming soon!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

That Roach Game Keypad Released!

That Roach Game is now available for Nokia keypad devices! Crush as many roaches as you can before too many get away! This game is also Barking Seed enabled so you can play for top position worldwide and help your country to get to Number 1!

Click here to download for FREE on Ovi!

Dawn Of The Fly Keypad Released!

The classic Dawn Of The Fly - Chapter 1 is now Barking Seed enabled. This game is for nokia keypad devices!

Click here to start the fly eating now!

Ninjani Touch Released!

Finally the Ninja's have arrived for your Nokia touch device. The Touch version of this game is now available for download FOR FREE on Ovi!

Click here to start the Ninja warfare!

Happy Hunting!

The Barking Seed Team ;)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

That Roach Game South Africa - UPDATE RELEASED!


There is an update available for That Roach Game South Africa! For those who can go online in the game, just run it and press the top players button, it will prompt you to download the new version. For those of you who could not get online at all, point your device to this url:

Or just click this link to download the file and send to your device!

Happy Roach Hunting!

We would like to thank players Erviins and Roachzilla for finding some bugs that were not roaches! Respekt!

The Barking Seed Team

OSP video of barking seed in action!