Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dawn Of The Fly 2 has Arrived!

Some said it would never happen... some heard whispers in the dark of its existence. Some came with wild, staring eyes saying they had gazed directly upon it, but most thought them mad.

Finally the Genbot is back in this harrowing journey to the heart of the swarm! How long can you survive the black rain?

Yes, it's really true, Dawn Of The Fly 2 is in the wild! This is one for the fans.

Once again with love from us!

The Barking Seed Team

Monday, September 13, 2010

5TH Winner Announced! MOG!

Another week has passed and another winner announced! This week a big congrats to Callaway! You are the most active this week and have won a brand new Nokia Device! YOu will be contacted soon!

Well Done! This is now the last week to win, 1 more prize left for the most active in the Master Of Games Competition! Good luck to all!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

4TH Winner Announced. MOG!

An end of another week and another weekly winner for our Master Of Games competition Thailand!

A big congrats to akumpan, you are this weeks most active player! You will be contacted on how to get your shiny new device! Well Done!

The Barking Seed Team!


The N8 is such a nice device! Who has won it....

A Big congrats to melvin_gualberto2009!!!! You are the grand prize winner this month and have won yourself a Nokia N8!! Well done, you submitted a crazy amount of scores! I am sure you will enjoy having a touch phone to play all the games you have missed out on!

For the full list of winners check out the SEAP competition page.

We will be mailing you all shortly to get your details so make sure your email add is correct! This brings a close to the monthly SEAP comps, we hope you all had a good time and enjoy your prizes! We are working on whats next so hang in there!

The Barking Seed Team!